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Based in Holland, Dutch Bakeware BV has been created by two enthusiastic colleagues who are determined to offer to the market a partnership together what they believe the market values. Like you, we value good service, consistent quality, a professional attitude and are determined to work together with our valued customers as part of your team.

We advise and supply bakery related equipment and coatings directly and indirectly to industrial bakers. Apart from this, special products are developed and produced under our supervision by our excellent partners for use in professional oriented bakeries and other food industries. We have knowledge within the European and Russian market concerning professional bakery equipment but also for specific purposes in other sectors.

Flexibility and dynamism are two futures that fits us. Together we have more than a decade of experience in the market. As your specialist we have our know-how, work competitive when it comes to delivery times and prices. To ensure our quality, we work together with well-established partners who manufacture at modern, computerized automatic driven lines to
guarantee our high quality for products. It goes without saying that they are used to large series of bread straps, pastry molds, baguette & cool trays and baking sheets for automated production lines.

Coating is realized at our trusted partner, whom have decades of knowledge and experience, their supreme contemporary coatings have excellent non-stick characteristics which eliminate the need for greasing in almost all cases. The excellent releasing capacities, high heat resistance and very good durability, result in an even longer life span. Dutch Bakeware BV offers a fast service in the recoating of used pans and sheets.


Dutch Bakeware works together with excellent production partners divided in several countries in Europe that has a modern manufacturing facility with fully automated robotic production and assembly lines and an advanced tooling and equipment unit, which includes a three dimensional processing centre. All required manufacturing tools in the development of pans are produced in-house. This allows us the flexibility to work closely with clients to develop their standard pans and sheets plus customer specific designs and products. We are proud on the ability to work with very small tolerances and all products are subject to extensive quality control procedures before being distributed world wide.

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