Bread pan straps & Pastry molds

Bread pan straps & Pastry molds 2017-12-12T16:21:29+00:00

Dutch Bakeware knows bakeware and offers a very wide assortment of bread pan straps and loaf tins, suitable for trolleys or automatic stacking. Pans are produced in almost any dimensions and can be either in folded designs or by using our advanced deep-drawn technology, from a single piece of material. This results in a seamless product with many advantages over folded pans. The straps can also be supplied in many formats and finished off in complete accordance with the specific desires of the customer. The straps can be made from aluminized steel or aluminum and can be supplied with or without a non-stick coating.

Our range of patisserie molds in strap form, on frames or loose is available in a wide selection of size options. The baking moulds are made from tin plate, stainless steel, tempered or aluminized steel and can be provided with various coatings including silicone.

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